K-tip 186mm Wootz

K-tip 186mm Wootz

Dane techniczne

Steel: Wootz
Length: 317mm
Edge: 186mm
Grind: Convex
Heel Height: 47mm
Thickness: 3/2,2/1.2mm
Weight: 143g
Handle: Stabilized x-cut ouk, mammoth tooth, g10



Opis produktu

Been a minute since I last worked with
wootz. Big shoutout to @aleksanderstrzyzewski for
forging and hammering out a billet for me, letting me
create this fantastic 🔪. It’s the best wootz I’ve ever
had the pleasure to work with, and you bet, I’ve already
ordered another 😁🦖. Wootz steel is a wonder,
marrying high hardness with flexibility thanks to its
unique structure, echoing the creation process of
historical Damascus. The iron carbides beautifully
dance in their patterned style, standing out against the
dark steel.Rounding it all off is a gorgeous natural
handle made from spalted oak, adorned with a
mammoth tooth, giving it that extra edge. And to keep
the blade safe, a beautiful oak saya. Wootz isn’t just
about being the hardest or the sharpest; it’s about a
balance, a unique aesthetic that brings the ancient art
of blacksmithing into the present. Each knife is not just
a tool but a piece of history, crafted with care and ready
to make 💪✌️

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